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January 11, 2009 – High Definition explained, two new Microsoft mice, all the latest from CES 2009 and more! | The Gadget Grill

January 11, 2009 – High Definition explained, two new Microsoft mice, all the latest from CES 2009 and more!

We’re back in Studio A this week with a brand new Gadget Grill live from Sydney’s 88.1 2RDJ station and this week we looked at the mystical and ridiculously overly complicated world that is High-Definition TV. We’re talking HDReady, HD, FullHD, and what the whole Digital TV thing that’s coming up really means.

This was one of the biggest weeks for technology with both MacWorld and the Consumer Electronics Show for 2009 taking place in the course of the same week. We looked at some of the big announcements made at each of those two places as well as took a brief look at Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 7.

And have you ever wondered if Tetris can help you? We’ve got more on that in the show.

Plus Microsoft sent us a couple of new mice to take a look at so tune in to hear what we thought.

All that plus the regular amount of GadgetGripes, Grudges, and anything else g-specific this week and every week on The Gadget Grill.

*Apologies to all for the weaker audio quality this week. We had some issues with the audio equipment and the mono-stream was all we had as a backup. That shouldn’t occur any longer.

Next week, we’re looking at alternatives to Microsoft Office that won’t require you to open that wallet. Stay tuned next week to find out more.

As usual, our playlist can be seen below…


  1. The Hush Sound – Wine Red (off of “Snakes on a Place: The Album”)
  2. John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (off of “Continuum”)
  3. Maroon 5 – Woman (off of “Spider-Man 2″)
  4. Los Hombres Calientes – The Mardi Gras Second Line (off of “Vol. 5: Carnival”)

More of The Gadget Grill next week with even more music next week. To hear the music we play, make sure to tune in at 9pm on Sundays on www.radio2rdj.com!

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