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February 1, 2009 – PortableApps, a big new camera, a big new laptop, and one big program! | The Gadget Grill

February 1, 2009 – PortableApps, a big new camera, a big new laptop, and one big program!

It’s big stuff this week on The Gadget Grill as we fill our little broadcasting room to near full capacity. We’ve got gadget upon gadget loaded in this week as we take a look at a few cool gadgets, concepts, and more in what is possibly the biggest Gadget Grill we’ve ever done!

For our main course, we’re taking a look at a way for you to check your email, surf the web, protect your passwords, and more as you go jet-setting around the world without a laptop. Tonight, we took a look at PortableApps, an initiative that lets you carry what’s more or less a computer on your USB stick.

If you pay close enough attention, you can even find out how to win them in our first Gadget Grill Giveaway!

We’ll also take a look at a few big gadgets including the all new Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera, the huge Lenovo W700, and the HTC Touch 3G.

There’s all of that plus a ton of news including some info about what could possibly be the new iPhone on the way, a way for you to make Gigapixel images, and a whole heap more!

Tonight, we had a mostly boys club as far as our playlist was concerned. We didn’t get time to throw in the one extra track we were hoping to as our show was just that much packed.

Still, here’s tonight’s playlist if you liked what you heard…

  1. Incubus – Anna Molly (from “Light Grenades”)
  2. Mae – This Time Is The Last Time (from “Destination: Beautiful”)
  3. John Mayer – Vultures (from “Where The Light Is”)
  4. Los Hombres Calientes – Irvin’s Crisis (from “Los Hombres Calientes”)

Next week, we’re checking out the world of blueberry dentists as we take a stroll through the world of Bluetooth. What is it, what’s coming from it, and anything else Bluetooth related that you might want to know about, we’re covering. Got any questions, send them through and we’ll talk about them! All that and more next week!

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  1. david turnbull /

    have only JUST come on your site -GREAT FIND!! I live and work in China (about 2 hours out of Shanghai) so the problem i face is catching 2rdj as my connection runs through the university server [we have a big brother]….is there any way i can pick up the details of your competitions – particularly the Cannon DSLR [dream dream]

  2. Hi David, and welcome.

    Thanx muchly for the kind words. Would I be correct in presuming that you’re able to grab the podcasts?

    Any competitions – unless they’re live and real time – would be reflected here, but I expect that the bigger problem might be getting the prize shipped to China. I’m thinking in terms of budgetary constraints for larger items as being the sticking point, and this would be applicable for any place outside of Oz.


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