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September 5, 2010 – Connecting with Kinect | The Gadget Grill

September 5, 2010 – Connecting with Kinect

This week on the Grill, we took an early look at a new product from Microsoft.

Taking motion gaming to new heights, Microsoft Kinect uses a combination of 3D depth sensors, microphone, and camera technology to let players hold onto nothing and still feel like they’re part of the game. We got to go hands on with this exciting new development (not out until November!) so we’ll tell you what we think first!

We’re also taking a look at a device that can bring the Internet to you wherever you are. No, it’s not your mobile phone, but it is a pocket wifi router from Huawei.

All of that plus news, banter, and music coming your way in this broadcast of The Gadget Grill.

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  1. yes Kinect has recived some very off the wall reviews and there is demand for it.

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