January 4, 2009 – OpenCourseWare, The USB Cup Warmer, and a whole bunch of news!

This week on The Gadget Grill, we took a look at the world of OpenCourseWare. We figured that a great way to start the new year off might be with learning something, and what better way to learn something than with high-end resources provided by such great places like MIT!

OpenCourseWare is an initiative that enables you to learn university courses without actually paying those big fees. Sure, you won’t get the university degree but if interests you enough, you might just find a way to get yourself into the right course and get a new career for yourself. Or you could just learn for the sake of learning.

We also spoke about some playing we’ve been doing with the Apple AppStore and how you can share apps… sort of.

Plus there’s news about the iPhone’s 3G unlocking, biometric security that doesn’t work, counterfeit software, a gadget for decaf coffee drinkers, and a live in-house testing of one of those USB Cup Warmers you probably see floating around!

Next week, we’re talking about HDTV’s. Curious about what HDCP or HDMI is? What about 720p and 1080p? Well next week, we’re talking all about it. See you next week in The Gadget Grill!

Just like last week, here’s our playlist of songs that we played on The Gadget Grill tonight:


  1. Tom Jones & Jools Holland – St. James’ Infirmary Blues (off of “Tom Jones & Jools Holland”)
  2. Jason Mraz – Only Human (off of “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.”)
  3. Poe – Walk The Walk (off of “Haunted”)
  4. Charles Brown – Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t (Ma’ Baby) (off of “Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz With Guest Charles Brown”)
  5. Solomon Burke – None Of Us Are Free (off of “Don’t Give Up On Me”)