Street Fighter IV all sold out on PS3?

A Gadget Grill listener has pointed out to us that the PlayStation 3 edition of Street Fighter IV has been sold out across Australia.

After checking through multiple stores including Game, JB HiFi, Target, Big W, Harvey Norman, and EB Games, our source has confirmed that the game can only be found in abundance for the Xbox 360.

When our source asked someone at an EB Games what was going on, the answer he got was that THQ didn’t order enough copies for the PlayStation 3 and now they’re out all over the country.

SFIV-01Up until a few months ago, Capcom’s distribution was being handled by the Australian software group Red Ant but when they went into receivership in January, the future of titles like Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 got thrown up in the air.

While previously handled by Activision, THQ took over the handling of Capcom titles getting Street Fighter IV out on schedule without any fuss.

But now it appears that Street Fighter IV is creating a problem for gamers looking for a PlayStation 3 copy.

It seems that the store’s Top 5 games are also being affected as Street Fighter can’t be seen anywhere on the list when it’s obviously needed. In most places, Killzone 2 is taking the top spot with Street Fighter IV nowhere to be seen despite reports suggesting it held two spots in the Top 5 during the first weekend of March.

So if you’ve got a PS3 copy of the new Capcom fighting game, consider yourself lucky.

We’ll be checking with THQ and getting a comment on this as soon as possible.