August 23, 2009 – We can see the light!

When the lights go out ¬†from a thunderstorm or your boyfriend blows a fuse trying to repair something, the first thing you reach for is generally a torch. Hopefully, it’s bright enough to help your way out of the dark and if it isn’t and the batteries are flat, it should be at least hevy enough to throw at the person who caused the mess.

But how has the technology changed over the years?

On this show, we’ll look at regular old torches, LED’s, and really big torches as well as how they’re now being used in replace of personal self-defense items like Pepper Spray to help people like you and me.

We’ve also got a bunch of news including¬†Microsoft ordered to stop selling Word, details on the new Sony PS3 & PSP, how everyone can be a DJ, Samsung’s new phones, how ViewSonic are entering the 3D space, and a whole heap more!


This week, we played some new Scottish rock and some new Aussie rock… take a look and support the artists!

  1. We Were Promised Jetpacks – It’s Thunder And It’s Lightning (from “These Four Walls”)
  2. Ruthie Foster – Phenomenal Woman (from “The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster”)
  3. The Black Keys – Set You Free (from “thickfreakness”)
  4. Dappled Cities – Answer Is Zero (from “Zounds”)
  5. John Coltrane – Trane’s Slo Blues (from “Lush Life”)

Next week, we’re celebrating an anniversary with some friends. Join us to find out who we’re talking to next week on The Gadget Grill!