September 13, 2009 – The Windows 7 Spectacular*!

It’s probably safe to say that Windows Vista is about to remove itself from existence and to that, we say… YAY! WOOHOO!!! Let’s all party and go get naked and run around screaming at the top of our–

Where was I?

Oh yes. Windows Vista is about to be gone. So with Windows Vista getting out of dodge, that means Microsoft’s new crowning achievement Windows 7 is here… and while it’s not out until October, we have the final version in our hands, installed on our PC’s, and we’ll tell you what we think about it tonight.

We’ll also take some bouncy Samsung Bluetooth headphones for a spin to see what audio is like when we cut the cables.

Plus we’ve got news about the Commodore 64 revival, the ho-hum Apple gadget release *yawwwwwnnnn*, carrier pigeon versus real internet speeds, and more.

Oh, and it’s also the strip edition of The Gadget Grill so look out for joysticks of all sizes (but specifically the well-endowed ones)!


Every week on The Gadget Grill, we play music! Yes, how many technology shows actually play music? (We’re actually asking. We have no idea.)

Anyway, to see what we played in this show, read on below!

  1. Owen – Good Friends, Bad Habits (from “New Leaves”)
  2. The Beatles – Help! (from “Help!”)
  3. Diana Krall – Devil May Care (from “Live In Paris”)
  4. God Help The Girl – I’m In Love With The City (from “Stills EP”)
  5. Ed Harrison – Footprint (from “NeoTokyo”)

See you next week on a slightly more clothed edition of The Gadget Grill!