November 1, 2009 – Imagine That (Or Something Else…)

In the age of modern technology and with all the video games & other devices out there to stimulate our brains, have you ever wondered just how active our imaginations were?

On this show, we’ll be talking about how one game spurred research into how many Australians use their imaginations and why. You’ll also hear about the game itself and just how it goes about getting your imagination up and running again.

Plus we’ve got a big monitor in the studio… which was stupid because we could have just left it at home and talked about it. Regardless, we’ll be talking about the new Dell U2410 monitor which displays over one billion colours. Let’s see your laptop screen match that.

All of that plusĀ online shopping by a dog, online shopping by people, the death of the n-gage, useless shirts, and a whole heap more. Check it out below or on iTunes!


As usual, our playlist is a blend of stuff on top of things with the occasional dash of sound and volume. Here’s what all of that meant for this show:

  1. End Of Fashion – Lock Up Your Daughters (from “End Of Fashion”)
  2. Bird – Bad Connection (from “Girl And A Cello”)
  3. John Mayer Trio – Another Kind Of Green (from “Try!”)
  4. Galactic featuring Trombone Shorty – Tuff Love (from “From The Corner To The Block”)
  5. Ray Brown Trio & Herb Ellis – Blues For Junior (from “Some Of My Best Friends Are… Guitarists”)

Join us next week for more gadgets, games, and absolute lunacy here on The Gadget Grill!