November 29, 2009 – The Big Social Media BBQ

Social Media is everywhere these days.

From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter and more, it’s certain that the new area that lets the public communicate with the media is here to stay, a corporations are beginning to jump in and learn all about it so on this show, you will too.

We’ll be talking to John Kembal from RightNow Technologies about what social media is and how it’s affecting businesses online.

Plus we’ve got news on USB 3, a man who was arrested for not Tweeting, a cheap HDTV coming soon that could run on solar energy, the sound of an electric car to a blind person, a bunch more. Check it out in The Gadget Grill!


Like what you heard on this episode of The Grill? We mean the music, because of course you love how we speak. 🙂

Our playlist is below. If you loved the tracks, feel free to check them out on iTunes or your local CD store and support the artist.

  1. Boy & Bear – Mexican Mavis (from “Demo”, found at “Who The Bloody Hell Are They?“)
  2. Janet Jackson featuring Q-Tip & Joni Mitchell – Got ‘Till It’s Gone
    (from “The Velvet Rope”)
  3. Dave Carroll – United Breaks Guitars (from “United Breaks Guitars”)
  4. Joe Henderson – Lazy Afternoon (from “Power To The People”)
  5. Dexter Gordon – Cheese Cake (from “Go”)

Join us next week for more chaos, danger, mayhem and madness… well… maybe the madness bit… probably not the other three… but join us next week for more madness here on The Gadget Grill!