Political Intrigue on the Web

As you know, this past week in Australia was quite a busy and intriguing one, what with all of the happenings in Canberra from Wednesday evening through into Thursday morning, culminating with the swearing in of Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

All of this sent the internet wild, with people everywhere scurrying to get information on everything and everybody.

While we’re not prone to publishing press releases, the good folks at Google issued one that we believe is important, with lots of great information and detail. There is no way that we could do a better job with this content, so we’ve decided that we’re just going to push this one out there for you to read, study, and enjoy.

No, I’m being serious. Mind you, I thought that Craig Emerson was a Socceroo!

24 hours in politics is a long time in search

The last 24 hours has seen a swift but bloody political battle; an ousted leader; and Australia’s first woman Prime Minister. Australians were following online at every step of the way.

We’ve been flocking in our millions to online media reports, watching press conferences streamed live online, tweeting ferociously – and searching for everything we can find out about this long and remarkable day in Australian politics.

As at 2pm today (Thursday, June 24), the fastest rising search term on google.com.au was no surprise:
australian labour party (1)

It was followed by:
rudd speech (2)
tim matheison (4)
alister jordan (6)
kirribilli house (8)
quentin bryce (11)
craig emerson (15)
kevin rudd speech (18)

Rudd and Gillard are the names on everyone’s lips … but who are the other personalities involved that we want to know more about:
tim matheison (Julia Gillard’s partner) – 4th fastest rising
alister jordan (Kevin Rudd’s chief of staff) – 6th fastest rising
quentin bryce (Governor General) – 11th fastest rising
craig emerson (Small Business Minister) – 15th fastest rising
mark arbib (Minister for Employment Participation) – 56th fastest rising

We’re searching to get to know our new Prime Minister. Among the most popular queries today:
wikipedia julia gillard
julia gillard partner
is julia gillard married
julia gillard boyfriend
how old is julia gillard
julia gillard biography
where was julia gillard born
julia gillard background
julia gillard photos

Of the top 100 fastest rising terms in Australia as of 2pm, 90 of them were related to the political situation or to news sites covering the remarkable events.

Full list of fastest rising political searches at 2pm on google.com.au:
australian labour party
rudd speech
tim mathieson
alister jordan
kirribilli house
quentin bryce
craig emerson
kevin rudd’s speech
alp website
wikipedia julia gillard
governor general
alistair jordan
rudd press conference
julia gillard partner
marcus rudd
prime minister australia
tony abbott
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governor general of australia
therese rein
wayne swan
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jessica rudd
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mark arbib
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radio national
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mining tax
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new pm
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