Is The RIAA Providing Good Value?

As you know, the RIAA has been very vocal, and very active, about trying to (so they say) protect the interests of the creative people in the recording industry. I happen to disagree with their approach, and believe that the need to totally change their whole approach, bringing themselves into the 21st Century.

This week some figures came to light about just how ineffective their approach is, in that they have spent US$58 million in pursuing and suing those whome they felt were ripping off the talent, but the “return” on that investment total waste of money was in the vicinity of a mere 2% of that expenditure.

I think the talent they’re supposed to be representing would have been far better off with that US$58 million in their pockets, rather than those of the lawyers.

Get with the program, guys; your methods and ideas are outdated, and wrong.