August 1, 2010 – The good ship Plastiki

Tonight on The Gadget Grill, we cooked up a bunch of laughs, security, inappropriate jokes, and we even told a tale about a boat named Plastiki.

Made from 12,500 plastic bottles – the same sort you get when you buy a soft drink or bottle of water – this boat managed to make its way from San Francisco to Sydney. We’ll hear from the people on that expedition as well as our own Gadget Gorilla Gary Stark who checked it out this past week.

We’re also looking at the future of internet security. That’s right people: it ain’t going away. From your phone to your computer, security is moving forward in ways you’ll have to hear to believe.

There’s also a bunch of news, random jokes, new music, and something about an island.

And if you missed our competition, make sure you tune in next week!