Losing One’s Virginity.

We’ve all heard about the mammoth problems that Virgin Blue have been suffering with their computer systems this past week.

While I have lots of sympathy for their long-suffering customers, I have less than no sympathy whatsoever for Virgin Blue and their arrogant, silly attitude in refusing to accept that they’re suffering problems.

During my recent trip to the Gold Coast – over a month ago, now – I became aware of some significant issues with respect to their on-line check-in systems. I was aware of this over a period of three days, and was, in fact, subject to these problems myself.

But when I tried to bring this to the attention of this arrogant airline’s staff, all got was denial after denial, and lie after lie.

And they’ve now announced that for several days this week they will be suspending their on-line check-in systems. Those very same systems whose faults I brought to their attention over a month ago, and which they denied were faulty.

I’m sorry, Mr Virgin Blue, but this is karma. Your denials are not worth the emails they were written in.