Is The Featurephone Dead?

Statistics brought out this pat week seemed to perhaps be foreshadowing the death of the feature phone.

As you now, the iPhone has been walking out of Apple stores for the last three years, and this year has the release of so many Android phones, that we’ve simply lost count.

Add to those the enhancements to the Blackberry OS, turning it into a true smart phone, plus the release of Microsoft’s Phone 7, we can see that there is a very vibrant market out there in smartphoneland.

Just how vibrant is detailed when we look at the sales numbers being reported.

In the last quarter, worldwide sales figures show that 80 million smartphones were sold, from a total market of 400 million. And Android powered phones are outselling the iPhone, too.

And while the total sales of all mobiles (worldwide) grew 35%, the smartphone end of the market grew by 96%.