Wireless Headphones for iPod Shuffle.

Hear at the Gadget Grill we like nice headphones, and we also like designs that are simple and elegant.

And the Elecom headphones for the iPod Shuffle are both simple in their design, and present an elegant solution to the way that you may use headphones with the Shuffle.

Yes, they’re wireless, but not in the way that think. What they’ve done is shortened the cable to an effective length of zero. The Shuffle mounts onto a plug, directly upon one of the headphone earpieces.

Elecom Wireless Headphones

Elecom Wireless Headphones

Simple. So simple, it’s surprising that that nobody’s thought of this before.

Mind you, with the shuffle being so small and light, this design will work with this device. I don’t think it would work that well with, say, your iPad.