Cereal Connections

And here is something that we truly didn’t know that we needed. Cereal boxes that can be recharged using induction charging technology.

This is a late entry into this year’s CES must haves. I think.

Think in terms of a boring neon sign. One that lights up different parts of the sign sequentially in order to attract your attention. Now, instead of that being a boring old neon sign, let’s make it an exciting packet of breakfast cereal.

But yes, the same concept applies: different parts of it light up sequentially in order to attract your attention.

Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking

But wait: It gets better. The power for this to happen comes from an induction unit. Which can also charge ordinary batteries. Or warm up your soup, if that soup comes in the specially designed can that includes the induction charged heating coil that’s built right into the packaging.