3-D Viewer for iPhone

Available in Target stores in the US from today is Hasbro’s new 3D viewer for the iPhone and iPod, named My3D. Looking a little bit like the old Viewmaster 3D slide viewer, this viewer includes four different cradles into which you place your iDevice.

You need to download one of the apps from the App Store, and then you can enjoy your world of iPhone 3D goodness.

How good is it? Initially it’s only available from Target stores in the US, and so we’ve not yet had a chance to sample one for ourselves.

However, the press release is very clear about this, stating “MY3D provides consumers with a jaw-dropping 3D, 360-degree entertainment experience” and “an experience that pushes the envelope for gaming and entertainment“.

Who are we to doubt what somebody might say about their products in a press release?