MacBook Air Turns The Page

Let’s understand the reasons why somebody would want to buy a MacBook Air.

While it certainly employs some cool technology, it’s not exactly the technological leader of the pack. Rather, I expect it’s because the MacBook Air is so light, so thin, and so portable. It’s basically like an iPad with a built in keyboard.

Which leads me to bring to your attention the new cases for the Air manufactured and designed by Cartella in the USofA.

These are cases that are made of plywood and leather, and they’re designed to make your Air look like a book.

And in so doing, they add bulk: weight, size, and heft. Yes, by all accounts, these are of very good quality, but they leave me wondering why, if you’ve bought a MacBook Air, you would also buy one of these.

Unless you’re buying the Air for all the wrong reasons.