Plantronics Backbeat Sense Headphones

A new set of headphones from Plantronics is always something to look forward to. Plantronics are specialists in the headphone realm, and in the past we’ve been impressed with such features as battery life, build quality, and in particular, their audio quality with what is a very flat frequency response, meaning that you get to hear to hear the music as it’s intended to be heard.

Plantronics Backbeat Sense bluetooth wireless Headphones

Plantronics Backbeat Sense bluetooth headphones

Their new Backbeat Sense headphones promise a lightweight but high quality experience within a wireless headphone package. Please listen to this week’s show’s podcast right here where Geoff and Gary have a closer look at these headphones.

Also on this week’s show we take a closer look at security on your Android phones, and in particular, the impact that the Stagefright exploit might have.