Our Phone-For-All: LG G5 and Huawei Mate 8. And Some Old School Tech.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been privileged to have in our possession a couple of quite remarkable phones, the LG G5, and Huawei’s Mate 8.

Each of these phones is very different, with the Huawei sporting an extra-large screen, and the LG coming to us with a few of its friends.

What both of these phones have in common is wonderful battery life, and neither of these will leave you flat at the end of a busy work day.

And we visit a bit of old school tech. Very old school, as we talk about our new HMV phonograph. Isn’t it cool?

Our HMV Phonograph

Our HMV Phonograph


Last, but by no means least, here’s the show’s podcast.