And Now We Bring You

No gadgets!

Hands up if you’ve ever been distracted from what you’re supposed to be doing, in order to check your phone for a message that hasn’t come, or because you were just bored, or anxious, or …..

A group calling itself “Offlining” is proposing a “A time for all to atone for tech sins”, wherein we are all supposed to give up our tech devices for a day. A veritable digital device fast for a day.

This was originally proposed for September 18, which is Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, but it has now been set for the upcoming US Thanksgiving holiday in November.

You can, if you wish, stay tuned for further information about this.

But probably not here, on the Gadget Grill, where we live, breathe, eat and sleep with our digital devices and technology.