The Gadget Grill is a not-for-profit program that airs on community radio in Sydney, Australia.

Designed to break down technology for the masses, The Gadget Grill airs every week on Burwood’s 88.1 Radio 2RDJ on Sunday nights at 9PM AEST. You can either listen to it live by tuning in or heading to 2RDJ’s online streaming webcast feed.

If you miss a show, you can check out a podcast by hitting the radio archive found on this site or by logging into iTunes and checking out The Gadget Grill there. Consequently, you can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and keep up to date with our show that way.

TheĀ  Gadget Grill focuses on important subjects that arise weekly as well as ways of explaining technological concepts with humour and without fuss. Some of the things that have been talked about in the past include setting up wireless networking in your home, the digital camera’s “Megapixel Myth,” if you should buy an iPhone & what else is out there, Australian inventions, and free Microsoft Office alternatives.

Connecting with the world is fairly important so The Gadget Grill is online all the time. If you use social networking tools like Facebook, you can generally find The Gadget Grill on them. Click the links below to add us to your online troupe:

At the moment, The Gadget Grill website is run by its two hosts responsible for the radio show – father & son duo Leigh & Gary Stark. If you’d like to write for us (realising that we’re a not-for-profit site and won”t pay you), please send a contact message through.

Later this year, The Gadget Grill hopes to launch a program that aims to get kids & teens between the ages of 7 and 18 writing without complaining. With the help of major companies, the program will work to get these kids writing about something they’re sure to love while gaining some industry experience doing something that is sure to help their writing skills.