Beware the Oslo Bombing Scam

It’s barely forty eight hours since the tragic bombing and shootings in Oslo, and guess what?

Yep, the lowlifes are already at it, trying to put their hands into your pockets.

So, be wary of any emails that turn up in your inbox promising to show you video of the bombing, or the shootings, or asking you to click on an embedded link within the email promising that you may be able to easily donate to assist those affected by these sad events.

The only thing sad is that these lowlifes actually are alive and walking on this earth, sharing the good air that the rest of us breathe.

And besides, why on earth would you want to see these videos anyway? Are you sick? No? Good, I didn’t think so.

If you want to donate, then please do so, but do so through a recognised charity and website, rather than because some sleazy greedy piece of crap sends you a link to a fake website to try to scam you.

And just to preempt things a little, yes, by midnight tonight we will also start to see the Amy Winehouse scams starting to appear. Trust me, those, too, may be safely deleted.