February 14 2016 – Pioneer SC LX89 review

Pioneer SC LX89 Amplifier

Feb 22, 2016

One of the things that we truly enjoy here at the Gadget Ggrill is good music, and we do enjoy listening to good music, often played loudly, through a good quality amplifier system. We recently had the opportunity to review the new Pioneer SC LX89 amplifier, and in this week’s show, we put it through its paces. Security again plays a large part of this...

2015’s Top Technology – Gadget Grill, December 20 2015

De De Cup and The Professor, Stumpy Steamboat Gaz

Dec 20, 2015

Jason’s away in London, so on tonight’s show, the last one for the year, De De Cup led our discussion about the Opal card, and in particular, how it affects the more senior members of the community. Following that, Geoff, De De Cup and The Professor talked about the top tech ideas that came to the fore during the year. Musically, we remembered the...

5 things to pad your radio show with

5 things to pad your radio show with

Dec 8, 2015

With seemingly all of the mainstream media writing useless articles talking about 5 of this, the best 10 of that, the 30 things you must do when …. we decided to not hop on that bandwagon. Seriously, what a load of rubbish! Instead, we focus this week’s show on the usual roundup of news, Jason leads a discussion on virtual reality, and we start our...

Oppo R7 and LG G4 – Two phones for phoning home

The stylish LG G4 phone

Aug 16, 2015

In our August 2 2015 show, we have reviews of two phones. From the shallow end of the pricing pool – but in no way is it shallow in terms of features and capabilities – we have the Oppo R7. For those with deeper pockets, LG’s G4 is a very very stylish phone, with it’s leather back, and what may be one of the best cameras that we have ever...

Jabra Sport Coach Fitness Headset, Photo Storage and Backup, and So Much More

Jabra Sport Coach

Jul 21, 2015

July 19, 2015. Stupidity. There seems to be quite a lot of it around. And I don’t just mean on this show: our news segment this week seems to be filled with people who probably should not be let anywhere near the internet. And then, of course, we have our useless gadgets. Plural. Five of them. Nothing new here: we’ve been talking about them for...

June 14, El Capitan and the WWDC

June 14, El Capitan and the WWDC

Jul 17, 2015

In this week’s show we cover Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco, where El Capitan was announced, as was Apple’s music streaming service. We also talk about Windows 10, for which there’s now a build available for the Raspberry Pi. We also speak with a typical new NBN user, who tells us about his experiences. The whole show was also video...