October 27, 2013 – Welcome, Geoff Quattromani

October 27, 2013 – Welcome, Geoff Quattromani

Oct 27, 2013

In tonight’s show, we welcome Geoff Quattromani as he sits down behind the microphone for the very first time. We spend a few minutes learning a little bit about who Geoff is, and what he does. After the news, we then wander into the mobile phone battleground and review two great new phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the 20 megapixel Sony Xperia Z....

September 8 2013 – IFA and A Federal Election Circus

September 8 2013 – IFA and A Federal Election Circus

Sep 9, 2013

On today’s show we discuss the ramifications of the Federal Election results on some aspects of technology, such as the NBN and the internet filter. We also look at the IFA exhibition which has just concluded in Germany, and with it came a number of new devices, including phones, phones, phones, accessories for phones, and watches that connect to, yep, you...

Sunday September 1 2013

Sunday September 1 2013

Sep 8, 2013

On this week’s show we discuss the customer service catastrophe that is Australia Post, while Leigh offers a very favourable review of Olympus’s latest MILC, the EP-5. In our news section we talk about, amongst other things, new products from D-Link, Dyson and Parallels Here’s this week’s show. Gadget Grill, Sept 1...

Commodore 64 Revisited

Commodore 64

Jun 26, 2011

This week the revamped Commodore 64 went back on sale. Available in three different versions all powered by a dual core Atom CPU, the US$895 top level version includes a BluRay drive, 1TB of storage, 4GB RAM and WiFi capabilities. Other specification levels cost US$595 and US$250. All models include Ubuntu Linux 10.10, a multi-format card reader and expansion...

iCufflinks. For The iMan In Your Life.


Jun 19, 2011

And now, the iGift for the iMan who has iEverything: iCufflinks. From the good people at Adafruit.com comes these open source iCufflinks. They’re battery powered. They don’t merely glow; they pulsate. They will keep your cuffs linked. And while you can order them ready-made, you can also make your own bespoke version by downloading the circuit...

NetGear’s Stora NAS

NetGear Stora

Feb 27, 2011

While NetGear’s Stora device is essentially just a NAS – Network Attached Storage – it carries with it some very elegant and well implemented design concepts. Let’s start with the basics, though: a NAS is a device that you can connect to your home network that stands apart from your computers, and should be accessible by any of the...