Facebook Phone 7

Earlier this week Microsoft revealed final details of its Phone 7 OS, along with details of a number of phone devices that will be released into the market commencing later this week.

Over the last few weeks there have also been rumours circulating around the possibility of a Facebook phone.

When you think about the ultimate requirement for any such “facebook” phone, you realise that there’s a need for the phone to be a very socially oriented phone … which is exactly what Microsoft’s Phone 7 is.

This new phone OS is geared towards picking up those phone users who have not yet moved towards a smartphone, and in so doing, Microsoft has designed a system that integrates the personal user experience into the phone’s interface more than any other OS has done to date.

It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft can regain the market share it once held. I should point out that I think that they are moving themselves from a business oriented market place into one that is targeted at a very much younger and less formal market place. This is going to be an interesting battle.