February 9 2014 – Tablets for kids and Technology in the Home

Technology in the home is becoming quite pervise today. But over the last few years – well, over the last 40 or so years – it’s been changing. In the 1970s, setting up your home stereo system was a very simple affair: two pairs of wires for your speakers, a pair of RCA connectors from your cassette deck, and another pair of RCAs for your turntable. You were done!

Today, there’s a tad more complexity to setting up your home theatre system, and in this week’s show we explore and explain just how complex this has become. If you don’t understand, grab a nearby 10 year old to help us explain it all to you.

And speaking of 10 year old kids, Samsung have launched a tablet device targeted especially towards kids. While it certainly has lots of features that adults can take advantage of, this is, first and foremost, a kids’ device.

Catch up with it all,
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