HP’s Pocket Projector

HP’s Notebook Projection Companion is the projectors’ equivalent of a pocket rocket.

While it won’t quite fit in your pocket, this tiny projector, aimed at those who have a need to make presentations on the go, is truly small and lightweight, and easy to throw into your laptop bag, ready to use at a moment’s notice.

HP's Notebook Projection Companion

HP's Notebook Projection Companion

The appearance of the unit is very handsome, and very high quality, being enclosed within a solid aluminium casing. Connection was simple, with just a power cable and a VGA connection for the signal.

The projected image was very clean and crisp, provided that you kept the length of your projection throw no greater than about two meters. Focus adjustment was very easy, made by a small lever on the top of the projector, just behind the lens’s front.

Height adjustment was made using an adjustable foot towards the front on the base.

Also on the base is a standard tripod thread, and an included tabletop tripod increased the available height adjustments, but to my mind, at the expense of the unit’s stability. Both the power and signal connectors live on the same side of the projector, and when it’s mounted on this tripod, it felt a little top heavy and unstable, and seemed to me to be prone to be easily knocked over.

While it wasn’t likely to fall any great distance, this seemed to me to be a potential issue in terms of how presentable it might make a user look, if the projector happened to topple over mid-presentation.

But if you have a need to visit clients and make presentations, then this is a great way to travel.