NBN or Filter?

With the federal election just two weeks away, the two major parties have declared different positions on two major points of technology.

On the NBN, the Gillard government is planning to continue with the rollout, while the Abbott opposition wants us to continue to lag behind the rest of the world in terms of internet connectivity, and take us back to the dark ages.

But the Gillard government wants to go ahead with the filter, which is unworkable and totally stupid, whereas the opposition wants to be a little more practical here and scrap what has always been a bad idea.

In opposing the NBN, the opposition has totally got it wrong: this is a major step towards bringing us into the 21st century, something that successive Australian governments have repeatedly failed to do.

And the filter has nothing to do with these silly arguments about protecting our children from child pornography and the like: it will do no such thing, and can be bypassed so easily. The filter is a total and complete waste of time, and the Labor party needs to remove this from its policies … yesterday.

And here we are, mere voters, bit players in these two discussions, that really mean a great deal for the future of this country, and for the education of our children.