November 8, 2009 – Reach Out & Touch Something

Touch is the next big thing in computers and pretty soon you’ll be able to throw away that mouse and just put your fingers all over your screen. That’s right, the technology that science-fiction writes have more or less been promising us for ages is now actually here and we’ve been playing with it.

Plus you can learn what a boffin is (and the associated news about the baby translator software they’ve made), the importance of radio compared to mp3s, and digital movies not on an optical media.

And we’re obsessed with Bumblebee this week. Or Leigh is anyway. Lots of buzzing in this episode and a whole lot more!


Like the music we played? Here’s what it was…

  1. Yoko Kanno & Tim Jenson – GET9 (Naked) (from “GET9”)
  2. Dot Allison – Colour Me (from “Afterglow”)
  3. Under The Influence Of Giants – Mama’s Room (from “Under The Influence Of Giants”)
  4. Alison Krauss – The Boy Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn (from “New Favourite”)
  5. Joey DeFrancesco – My Foolish Heart (from “Organic Vibes”)

Next week, we’re delving back into the world of security. See you then on The Gadget Grill!