Parrot’s a-Squawking.

Arrrrrgh there me hartees. Me Parrot’s gone insane.

Or, to put that into something more closely resembling English, Parrot, the people who make the AR-Drone that y’all know that we love so much, displayed some new toys at CES, and so, as it’s obvious that the Parrot isn’t just resting, we felt a need to bring your attention to them.

First up, they’re taking a look at your digital photo frame. Yep, the gift that keeps on re-gifting.

But, Parrot being Parrot, they’ve done it differently.

Parrot DIA digital Photo Frame

Parrot DIA digital Photo Frame

In the Parrot DIA, by separating the backlight from the actual LCD, they’ve created something closer to a true photographic lightbox design. This can enhance how the images look on the display, but it also lets you insert objects between the light and the display, casting a shadow on the image being displayed.

OK, I can’t understand that one either.

But they say it’ll be available in February 2011.

The other cool toy from Parrot is one far the car fiends amongst us. That’s me, I guess. I can remember, a very long time ago, seeing some Windows CE devices – basically trying to package up a Windows Mobile device into a car radio. Well, we all know how well Windows Mobile has fared …

In the Parrot Asteroid, they are trying to succeed where Microsoft failed, and they’ve created an Android powered car device, with radio, GPS, MP3 player, phone, dishwasher ….

Parrot Asteroid

Parrot Asteroid

OK, scrub the dishwasher!

But otherwise, we have an in-dash, hands free, voice controlled device that just might succeed where the Windows car devices failed to make their mark.