Plantronics Discovery 925

Bluetooth mobile phone earpieces come and go.

Mostly, they go. They’re often uncomfortable, and feel like they want to fall out of my ear. Or they just go ahead and do fall out of my ear, into my lap, onto the floor of the car. Trying to find one, and then replace it into your ear, while doing 100kph odd along the freeway, is not a recommended course of action.

The Plantronics Discovery 925 is a little different from most that I’ve tried, in that it has a little plastic insert that seems to succeed in keeping the earpiece implanted within my ear better than most such devices that I’ve tried. And it’s somewhat comfortable: it doesn’t feel earpiece heavy, as many of these devices do.

Silver and stylish.

Silver and stylish.

Setup of the 925 is typical of you expect to set up one of these devices, and as such it is easy and painless.

Sound quality is excellent, on both ends of the conversation. Even with the top down on the car – which makes for much more ambient noise within the environment, conducting conversations on the move using the 925 was fairly easy.

Soft rubber gel helps keep the Discovery 925 sitting in your ear.

Soft rubber gel helps keep the Discovery 925 sitting in your ear.

One feature that I thought was particularly elegant with the 925 was the manner by which you recharged it. It comes in a small carry case, and there’s a battery embodied within this case, which you can recharge in the normal manner by which you might expect to recharge the earpiece. This allows you to actually plug the earpiece into the case, and by doing so, you recharge it. Nice.

Which is probably the best word to describe the Plantronics: nice.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Product: Plantronics Discovery 925
RRP: $199

For an added bonus, we’ve included a hands-on video below to show you more about this gadget…