September 19, 2010 – Yo, ho, ho, ho, a pirate’s life but why?

Yargh, this weekend be the International Talk Like A Pirate time for all of ye to… err… talk like a pirate.

And because we were in the mood for rum and pillaging the English language, we figured we’d look at why people turn to piracy and look at how the industry might want to change.

We also checked out Sony’s newest addition to the PlayStation 3 family, the Move. From the hardware to the software, we’ve got the Move all worked out, so tune in if you’re thinking of grabbing it to hear what we had to say.

All of that plus how to make your new iPod Nano into a nice little wrist watch, why group buying is working out badly for businesses, a whole bunch of other news, mindless banter, and some great music written by the late legend Jimi Hendrix.