When Ya Gotta Go

Go Guy Pocket Urinal

Go Guy Pocket Urinal

Here’s something that requires very little explanation.

Or perhaps it does.

It’s basically a plastic bag that’s filled with some super absorbent crystals. The concept is that the guy, in desperate need of some facilities, will open the package and pee into the bag. Having completed his business, he then waits for the now wet crystals to do their thing, solidify, and then seal the bag, to be disposed of, thoughtfully, at a later time.

But how does one thoughtfully dispose of bag full of solid urine?

And, if you’re in a line at an event, waiting to use the facilities but unable to wait any longer, how do you use this, in a gracious manner?

What if you’re in your car and you need to go? And you have an accident when using this portable convenience, leaving perhaps wet patches on the car’s seat or carpets?

So many questions. So many pissibolities.

More details at GoGuy.com, but I must say, I find their “Fits in your hand” photo caption on their website just a little disturbing. Like, one would hope that it does …