I Love Katamari (iPhone & iPod Touch)

The Gadget Grill’s first video review is here!

I’ve been doing some playing with video equipment, cables, codecs, and all manner of things that have now turned my makeshift office into a jungle of cables and mayhem and now… now, I’ve got it all working!

The text of the video can be found below the video just in case you were curious what I was on about…

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Rating: ★★★★☆

One of the craziest exports to ever make its way out of the country is here, and it’s on the iPhone.

The Keita Takahashi original We Love Katamari is now available on the iPhone and is just like the original ball of stuff mashing fun it used to be.

Just like in previous Katamari games, you’ll find yourself fixing the problems that the King Of All Cosmos left behind making planets out of stuff that can be found on the Earth. This means rolling around gradually picking stuff up and mashing it together to make these big balls of… stuff.

For the iPhone, though, Namco Bandai have enabled the use of the accelerometer making the control of this game very much like Sega’s Super Monkey Ball for the same system. Tilt and pivot the device every which way and your prince will do as you command.

Even with the patches that this game finally has, it’s a shame that lag and slowdowns are still ever present. It’s also not very good that after all the gameplay, there’s no ending to greet you with.

In a way, Katamari feels like a game made for the iPhone that was rushed out to meet consumer demand. This doesn’t make it bad, but rather leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

That said, it’s still a lot of fun and if you’ve never played a Katarmari game, this 10 buck title is a great introduction to one of the coolest franchises out there.

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