February 3 2019 – My Mum Has a New Phone …

Alcatel 3026G Big Button Phone

Alcatel 3026G Big Button Phone

And there’s an interesting back story to that. But first, a question: if you have members of your family who may be elderly, how do you assist them in managing their technology? Their phone? Internet access? NBN? Foxtel? May we suggest that you design a plan to assist you with this task, perhaps not too dissimilar from the plans that people in bushfire prone regions need to have in place?

The big power outage in Sydney’s eastern suburbs affected my family in a number of diverse ways, which led to the question above, as well as me having to grab a new phone for my 92 years young mum.

This week’s show covers all of that, including a chat about the phone, an Alcatel 3026G, and what I consider to be a few serious design flaws.

And Huawei have a new watch that you cannot buy – the Watch GT. We have the watch, we talk about it, and tell you how and where you can get one.

It’s all in this weeks jam-packed Gadget Grill, and here’s the podcast.