December 7, 2008 – The Megapixel Myth, Mirror’s Edge and more…

Last night, The Gadget Grill ran its first show on Sydney’s 88.1 2RDJ FM and we’ve got the podcast for you. Filled with all sorts of condiments and asides and main courses and what not, you’ll get a mouthful of the digital world without realising you’ve taken a spoonful of anything!

On last night’s show, we talked about The Megapixel Myth that perpetuates the world of digital cameras. We’ve got a big online article for you to read if you want to see more on that otherwise tune in and hear what we have to say on it.

We also looked at the new Electronic Arts’ title “Mirror’s Edge,” a game unlike any you’ve ever played before that puts you in the shoes of Faith, a runner in a dystopian future where information has to be sent by roof-top runners which is what you will play.

We looked at news including the Australian net filter’s incoming protests, the possibility of CD’s being replaced by USB sticks, and what the most pirated game of 2008 was and why. Towards the end, we even got a question from a listener asking what was better – LCD or Plasma?


Next week, we’re looking at “To iPhone or not to iPhone?” and we’ll discuss the pros, the cons, and the alternatives available for one of the hottest items available at Christmas.