a-JAYS Four

As you know, we have previously spoken highly of the various JAYS products. For the uninitiated, these products consist of a number of different in-ear headphones for personal listening to your iPhone, MP3 player, or similar.

A couple of weeks back the new a-JAYS Four earphones arrived in Australia, courtesy of the local distributors, Smart IT, for us to review. And again, I’m pleased to say that these earphones are not simply excellent, but excellent value, too.

a-JAYS Four Remote Earphones

a-JAYS Four Remote Earphones

First of all, the packaging is up to the usual standard that we have come to expect from JAYS. Different, stylish, and elegant. And unlike many of their competitors, you won’t do yourself an injury trying to get to the product because of the use of impenetrable hard plastic blister packs.

But you don’t use the packaging on a daily basis: it’s the earphones that matter. Those who read our earlier review of the a-JAYS will recall that we were immediately impressed with their comfort and sound quality, and in this area, nothing has changed. The a-JAYS Fours are very comfortable in one’s ears, do not want to fall out (as many others seem willing to do) and provide the user with a great sound.

Add to that the flat tangle resistant cable and you have the basis of a great product – but that could be the a-JAYS Three too; we’re talking today about the a-JAYS Fours, which are a new product that provides iPhone users with some added functionality. There’s now an in-line remote control on the cable, which provides the user with control of the music that you’re listening to – stop, start, next or previous track, and volume control, plus, of course, there’s also a microphone and you may now use the a-JAYS Fours for making and receiving phone calls.

This adds a level of convenience to the use of these earphones, which, when coupled with the comfort and sound quality provided, leaves the standard iPhone earbuds struggling in their wake.

And for the asking price of just $99, the value represented here with the quality and comfort makes these a compelling choice for those looking to buy a fully functioned set of in-ear headphones for their iPhone.