All about the outside broadcast, and listening to Sony

Sunday March 16 2014 was the date for the Ashfield Carnival of Cultures, put on by Ashfield Council. Radio 2RDJ was proud to be involved in this, and six hours of live radio content was broadcast directly from Ashfield Park, including one hours shifts with Geoff and DeDe, and later with Gary and DeDe.

On this week’s show, Gary takes a few moments to explain the technology and techniques used to bring 2RDJ’s outside broadcast to your radio.

Geoff has been looking at a couple of Sony products – their water resistant blue-tooth speakers – SRS-BTS50 – and some “3 in 1” headphones that also double as a music player and remote speaker set. Yep, that would be three in one.

While each of these products are interesting and have some great features, they’re also somewhat flawed.

The podcast? We’re so glad you asked.