December 29. The last show. For 2013. And the most important content of the year.

December 29.

And 31, if you’re listening to the repeat broadcast, which happens every Tuesday afternoon, at 2.

Or right now, if you’re listening to the podcast.

We start by giving Geoff a hard time, and then we move to giving De a hard time, and then everyone else gives me a hard time. As well they should.

Being a technology show, we discuss important matters of technology, like the cricket.

But importantly, the feature sections of the show focus on the Australian Communications Exchange, and a recent interview that Gary conducted with ACE’s Tony Bennetts.

This is truly important stuff: ACE focus on providing facilities for those amongst us with difficulties with their hearing or speech facilities, and in this interview we learn about the important ways that ACE are helping those within the community who are disadvantaged in these ways.

This week’s podcast can be found here.