And In Other News This Week

An app has appeared on Samsung’s Android App Market that uses augmented reality techniques to let you see “through” your phone so that you can text while you’re walking, and see where you’re going. That’s all well and good, except that it only let’s you see what’s straight ahead. Sadly, the bus that’s about to hit you and send you into that great phone-market in the sky will be coming at you from one side or the other, neither area of which is covered by this app.

Kotaku reports that a Microsoft X-Box engineer, Ray Arifianto, is getting married, and to mark the occasion, his bride-to-be has purchased a USB styled wedding ring.

Site work at the WTC site has uncovered the remains of a ship, about 32 feet long, and believed to be about 200 years old. It seems that parts of Manhattan were been built on reclaimed land, thus allowing the island to grow, and the WTC site is alive with artifacts such as plates and bottles. And ships.

A woman in Illinois is suing a theatre there because she was caught making a video recording of a movie. Yep, it’s the theatre’s fault. For showing the movie, I guess.