April 19, 2009 – Soft takes on Hard (drives, that is)

As technology gets better, more compact, and a hell of a lot more powerful, developers & manufacturers will come up with ways to make computer parts smaller & more energy efficient.

One of the developments in this area is in storage technology, so on this show we’re looking at Solid State Drives versus Hard Disk Drives. It’s likely that your computer is running off of a Hard Disk Drive – the traditional disk drive that has moving parts. But with newer drives coming out that run on a different technology, Solid State Drives look set to replace their brothers in a few years. We’ll look at what the technology is as well as some alternatives to how you can run a drive similar to what an SSD gives you but for a fraction of the cost.

This week, Nikon announced their new consumer digital SLR, the Nikon D5000. We were on-site for the launch this week and had a little play. We’ll tell you what we thought of this new camera later in the show.

If that doesn’t whet your palette, how about a bunch of news on Twitter, Windows 7, and enough arguing & ranting to fill up a jukebox. All that and more this week on The Gadget Grill!

Hit the play button below to see what we’re talking about…


Every week on the Grill, there’s more music grabbed from the random depths of the libraries that its chefs sit inside. This week, the music played like this:

  1. Dumpstaphunk – Livin Ina Worl Gone Mad (from “Listen Hear”)
  2. Keane – Under Pressure (from “Radio 1 Established 1967”)
  3. Lemon Jelly – Go (from “Top Gear: The Ultimate Driving Experience”)
  4. Eskimo Joe – New York (from “Black Fingernails Red Wine”)
  5. Solomon Burke – I Need Your Love In My Life (from “Make Do With What You Got”)

Next week, we’re looking at ways to help you stay backed up. Plus we’ll be taking a look at a hot new phone, so make sure to tune in at 9pm next Sunday or hit the podcast the next day!