August 8, 2010 – Digital radio is here… or so we’re told!

Here at The Gadget Grill, we’re all too aware of the things that happen with the world of radio. We have a radio show so that kind of helps things.

But if digital TV surprised you, the move to digital radio might not enter your wavelength.

On this show, we’re aiming to change all of that because we’re talking about digital radio in Australia. If you’ve ever heard of DAB+ and wanted to know about it, sit tight because we’re talking to someone who knows more than we do about this.

And with an election coming up, it would be pretty strange of us not to tackle technological issues that each of the major parties are talking about… so we will!

All of this plus a whole bunch of news, a whole bunch of fun music you won’t find on a Top 40 station, and the opportunity to win a digital radio (although, being that the show is over, you’ll have to wait until next Sunday at 9pm).