Microsoft Tech Ed 2010

Microsoft Tech Ed 2010

Aug 29, 2010

Every year, Microsoft Australia hosts a major technical event for developers and IT professionals, known as Tech Ed. For the major part of the last week, I was fortunate to be able to have attended this year’s event as a guest of Microsoft. Although my attendance was as a member and guest of Microsoft’s Open Source Convergence group, this conference...

The Digital Radio Revolution

OXX Classic Digital Radio

Aug 8, 2010

Digital radio has been with us now for just over a year. But what exactly is digital radio, and what does it mean for you? Do you need a new radio? Does it sound better? Will it make you that morning cup of coffee? This week we caught up with Jeremy Sedley from Smart IT, the Australian distributors of OXX digital radios. Jeremy is very well versed in the ins...

Message In A Bottle

David de Rothschild on board the Plastiki

Aug 1, 2010

On Monday last, Sydney had the pleasure of welcoming the Plastiki into her harbour. In case you’re not aware, the Plastiki is a 60 foot catamaran, constructed from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, and was completing a voyage from San Francisco to Sydney. Conceived by David de Rothschild, the voyage was designed to highlight the need for us to...

What Will Norton 2011 Have?

What Will Norton 2011 Have?

Aug 1, 2010

This week I attended a preview of next year’s Norton anti-virus offerings, where they discussed some of the current and emerging techniques for ensuring your on-line safety. They are expanding their use of reputation based heuristics, whereby they are able to determine the likely safety of a site or download based upon, for instance, a site’s...

Google’s strange happenings

Jul 19, 2010

If you’re a user of Google Docs, then like us you may have noticed some strange happenings recently. Perhaps Google has been asking you to log back in even when you thought you were already logged in. It could be as simple as entering your password just to access that spreadsheet you were playing with only a few moments ago. Whatever it is, it’s been...

Toy Story 3 – A Whole New World of Gaming

Jul 11, 2010

The new movie, Toy Story 3, recently started screening, and along with the movie came the game, Toy Story 3. As a prelude to these, the distributors also conducted a survey of families’ gaming habits and opinions, and the results included a number of surprises. Listen to our interview with Mark McKrindle, where we examine this survey and dissect the...