The On Line Sales Debate

The On Line Sales Debate

Jan 5, 2011

Gerry Harvey, the billionaire shopkeeper, is at risk of turning this discussion into a mass debate. His premise that people are buying from overseas retailers, via the internet, because they can avoid paying the GST is both emotional and wrong. Let’s try to avoid the emotion, and the crap, and let’s look at a couple of very simple case histories....

Device Comparison – 10 Years Apart

Apple iMac

Jan 2, 2011

As 2010 closed, ARS Technica posted an interesting comparison of a couple of hardware bases for some technology items, comparing an iMac from 2000 with a current iPhone 4. The comparison is really quite interesting. 2000: iMac 2010: iPhone 4 Operating System Mac OS 9.0.4 iOS 4.0 Processor 500 MHz PowerPC G3 CPU, 128MB Memory 1 Ghz ARM A4 CPU, 512MB...

Christmas Gadgets Grilled – Our Chistmas Gift Suggestions

Christmas Gadgets Grilled – Our Chistmas Gift Suggestions

Dec 5, 2010

We’ve been grilling gadgets all year for you, and now, as we head into the silly season, it’s time to look at some of the better gadgets that perhaps you might want to give your gadget-loving family members, or maybe even get for yourself. For less than $30, the iPhone using driver in your family might like to have the MetroView GPS application. This...

Droning Along

Parrot AR Drone

Nov 28, 2010

Tuesday this week was a busy day, with no less than four different items on my schedule. With each of these expected to take over an hour, I was tempted to drop one item from my list, and this would have been the one to be dropped. Fortunately, I persevered. And was rewarded with seeing what I am sure will be the coolest toy to grace the bottom of many a...

The Gadget Grill Annual Turkey Awards

Nov 26, 2010

Hi everyone. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving. And that means lots of turkey. For everyone. And for us at the Gadget Grill, that means that means it’s time for our annual Tech Turkey Awards. Join us this Sunday night, on 2RDJ FM-88.1, or on the net at, and find out who we think this year’s Tech Turkeys are....

Disaster Recovery and Backups

Disaster Recovery and Backups

Oct 31, 2010

The recent data meltdown at Virgin Blue is well known. But could something similar happen to you? Do you run a small business or home office? If so, how do you ensure the security of your data? And even if you don’t, what about your important personal documents? Your receipts for your tax? Your important family photos and the like? How are they stored. and...