August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Sep 8, 2013

In this week’s show, we examine a few Fathers’ Days suggestions, like a Ferrari for Gary, or a nice apartment in Italy’s Cinque Terre. Or maybe a smartphone for your dad, or a camera, or maybe an iPad or an Android based tablet. We also look at refreshing your older computers, perhaps by using a Solid State Drive (SSD) or maybe an operating...

Fathers’ Day Gift Guide – Part 2

WD TV Live Hub (Image copyright (c) 2011 Gary Stark)

Aug 21, 2011

Here’s a few more ideas if you’re still struggling to come up with that elusive gift for the dad in your life. Perhaps the new TomTom GoLive 820 GPS system may be what he needs? As well as offering all of the usual GPS facilities, TomTom now include live traffic updates – as frequently as every two minutes – to help you to get you your...

SCADA – Getting Hacked

Insulin Pump

Aug 7, 2011

One initialism that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about in the future is SCADA, which stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. It’s beginning to turn up more and more and in a lot more places. Basically, it refers to a set of systems that can collect data and respond to that collected data, and in so doing, act in a manner that...

CareTracker from Tracking Central

Care Tracker

Jul 17, 2011

The CareTracker from Tracking Central is a personal tracking device that uses GPS and the cellular phone network to let you follow the location of an individual who may be carrying the device with them. This is the sort of device that you can use if you have an elderly family member who may be inclined to wander off without telling you where they’re off...

Telstra Pushes Users Into Unsafe Email Practices

Telstra Letter to Clients

Jun 26, 2011

This week, Telstra issued emails to a number of its users, encouraging them to change their billing to an online (PDF) method of billing. On the surface, there’s nothing really wrong with them asking their clients to do this, as it results in more efficient processing, less paper wastage, quicker issuance of the bills … there’s lots of good...

iCufflinks. For The iMan In Your Life.


Jun 19, 2011

And now, the iGift for the iMan who has iEverything: iCufflinks. From the good people at comes these open source iCufflinks. They’re battery powered. They don’t merely glow; they pulsate. They will keep your cuffs linked. And while you can order them ready-made, you can also make your own bespoke version by downloading the circuit...