A Carstache, If You Please


May 22, 2011

The Carstache website describes these as “glorious”. I think I can come up with a few other words for these, but if it floats your boat, then why not? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we have just what you need: a moustache for your car. Why, one might ask. I did. And I’ve yet to come up with an answer. I think I could probably get a feather duster...

The Royal Condom Awaits

Crown Jewels Condoms

Feb 6, 2011

As you may be aware, there’s apparently a royal wedding happening in the next couple of months. To help others remember this magic night, Crown Jewels Condoms of Distinction is releasing a special commemorative pack of condoms, complete with a portrait of William and Kate on the box, as well as a leaflet including a photo of the bride and groom inside the...

Useless Fact.

Useless Fact.

Jan 2, 2011

Welcome to the year 2011. Brought to you by the number 1. For those who are not too numerically challenged, you may have already noticed that 2011 is a prime number. Divisible only by itself, and 1. But 2011 is also a number than can be achieved by aggregating the sum of another 11 prime numbers, those being 157, 163, 167, 173, 179, 181, 191, 193, 197, 199, and...

You, Too, Can Publicly Declare Yourself To Be A Moron

You, Too, Can Publicly Declare Yourself To Be A Moron

Nov 14, 2010

All you need to do is just roll up and sign the petition. No need for a useless gadget this week; take your fill of self declared morons. I really cannot say it any better than...

Tie and Napkin Clip

Tie and napkin clip

Nov 7, 2010

This one is a blast from the past. From 1957, and direct from a flea market on the east coast of the USA, comes this vintage classic. A friend was at the markets, and heard the seller describe this to a prospective purchaser as a “useless gadget”. She went over and bought it. For the princely sum of just US$1.

Eating Your Words

Eating Your Words

Oct 3, 2010

In the US, you can now get edible Scrabble tiles Scrabble Junior Cheez-Its are now available, with more than a hundred in each packet, but the tiles, while having letters on them, do not have numbers. You’ll need a cheat sheet, and an oversized Scrabble board, if you want to play with these, because they’re a little bigger than regular Scrabble...