December 13, 2009 – Obama & The Internet!

When President Obama ran for president in the United States of America, he didn’t just have a regular campaign behind him. No, he had something far more interesting working with him throughout the process: social media.

While the term and its practices may still be in its infancy, on this show we’re talking with some of the people that made sure Obama could literally reach out and connect with his people while he was on the campaign trail.

We’ve also got two new devices to show you from Viewsonic. One’s a very small computer and the other plays movie in a fairly big screen. We’ll tell you about both in this episode.

All of that plus voice to text finds another home, how Australian minimum broadband speeds are changing, more Apple tablet rumours, how much gadgets cost to make, and a whole ton more!


We may be a technology show, but we play a lot of music. If you’d like to hear what we played on this episode, check the info below:

  1. Emiliana Torrini – Tuna Fish (from “Dead Things”)
  2. Barenaked Ladies – One Week / I Have A Little Dreidel (from “Snacktime! Live At Massey HallĀ 12/07/08”)
  3. Jenny Owen Youngs – Hot In Herre (from “The Take Off All Your Clothes EP”)
  4. Snow Patrol – Workwear Shop (from “One Night Is Not Enough”)
  5. Christian Scott – Katrina’s Eyes (from “Anthem”)

Next week, we’ll don our Santa hats and be all semi Christmas-y for you in the second last Gadget Grill of the year… see you then!