May 17, 2009 – The CeBIT Spectacular… well, sort of.

This past week, the massive computer & IT fair that rocks Germany each year landed in Sydney.

Yes, CeBIT came to the land down under this week and boy did it … suck. That’s right, it wasn’t quite what we expected. Just check some of our CeBIT coverage to see what we mean.

In any case, knowing that CeBIT wouldn’t thrill you too much based on what we saw, we tackled another important subject this week: IMAX.


IMAX theatres are now beginning to show themselves in more places than just the big IMAX down in Darling Harbour. Hoyts Cinemas are now getting on the action even going so far as to include an “IMAX” labelled screen.

But are these really like going to the IMAX? And should you be paying five or six bucks more to go here? We’ll tell you what’s what.

There’s all of that plus a wealth of news, complaints, rants, and jokes that probably should have been put out of their misery long ago on this episode of The Gadget Grill.


Each show, we play music… you know… because we’re a radio show… and that’s what radio shows tend to do. This week, we played the following:

  1. Dishwalla – Mad Life (from “Opaline”)
  2. TV On The Radio – Staring At The Sun (from “Young Liars”)
  3. Sarah McLachlan – Possession (from “Mirrorball”)
  4. Colin Hay – Down Under (from “Man @ Work”)
  5. Wynton Marsalis – Snoopy and Woodstock (from “Joe Cool’s Blues”)

Next week, we’re getting lost… well… not really. But we are going to talk with some people who help with what happens when you do. Join us next week when we talk GPS with the experts!