This product sucks. Seriously. Nov 3, 2013

Yes, one of the products we review on tonight’s show seriously suck. But then you’d expect that from a vacuum cleaner, in this case Dyson’s powerful DC59 Animal. Of course, Geoff knows a little bit about cleaning, but that’s a concept that is totally lost on me, so we grabbed the Grill’s resident chef, De, and let her have her way with the Animal.

Last week Geoff mentioned that he’d not yet had the pleasure of using the Samsung Gear. That issue was addressed earlier in the week, and Geoff’s already formed his opinion about this wearable piece of technology. His thoughts make for some very interesting listening.

Of course, there’s the usual roundup of news, as well as our favourite part of the show, the useless gadget. This week’s is extra special.

All this, and more, right here, in the podcast of the show.